What Causes Acne — 7 Surprising Reasons Your Face Breaks Out

we are talking about that ruiner of first dates, that surprisingly surface every time you are on the cusp of something important or exciting in your life. Be it a first date with a long-time crush or a picture day at the office, it seems they can always tell when it’s the perfect time for your face to break out in all of its glory.

While you can blame everything you want — the polluted environment, the oil that your mom uses in her cooking, etc. You might not be aware that several of the activities that you think are in no way connected to skin care is also causing those day-ruining pimples to surface.

And in order to make you aware of them, we have compiled a list of 7 such surprising reasons. So girls, read and learn your way to a happy, glowing skin in no time.

1. You Are Using Beauty Products That Are Clogging Your Pores

In case you didn’t know, acne occurs when the pores of your skin become blocked due to excess production of oil by the sebaceous glands in your body. And then those blocked pores get infected with acne-causing bacteria, causing those embarrassing inflamed, red pustules to surface (1).

A lot of skin care products contain ingredients such as mineral oil and silicone, which are said to plug the pores in our skin, which makes it more susceptible to a breakout.

Instead, switch to skincare products which are non-comedogenic, meaning they are specially formulated with ingredients that won’t block the pores of your skin (2).

2. You Are Using Too Many Spot Treatments

For a lot of us, who suffer from recurrent episodes of breakouts, the only source of relief is our ready stash of over-the-counter spot treatments that provide us relief in emergency situations. Due to their effectiveness, some of us also make it a part of our daily skincare regimen.

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