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Susan Lee
2 min readJun 16, 2021

I’ll never forget the day that I posted this nutritionist’s first guest article for Hypothyroid Mom. My social media channels literally lit up like a Christmas tree. Her article How To Lose Weight When You Are Hypothyroid consistently ranks in the top ten most viewed pages on my site and I know why. She is hypothyroid, just like us, and she gets real about one of the most infuriating symptoms of this disease — that darn hypothyroid fat — even through a pandemic that feels like a horror movie written by Stephen King and directed by Quentin Tarantino.

Written by Sophie Anson

Many of us are finding it hard to remember a carefree life before March 2020. I do recall having a Valentine’s lunch with two girlfriends in February. At that time Covid was still as remote a concept as: “Have you heard?” Had you told us we’d be wearing masks for everyday activities months from then, that gyms would be closed, free weights sold out online, we wouldn’t have believed it. At that time we were still dressing up, wearing nice suits, heels, blowing out our hair or putting on a tie or pair of jeans. Being in shape — appearances for others — still mattered.

My husband and I have been complaining to each other that our bodies are starting to look like balloons three days after the party: deflated, neglected, less-than-taut. As far as weight management goes, we’re trying, but apparently not hard enough. We’re running and throwing our body weight around, heaving ourselves up and down sandy dunes and encouraging each other to do another set of push-ups, another plank. It’s not working.

We are also far more sedentary: housebound; inactive; waiting. Our dog, a 4 lb. chihuahua, needs to be walked, but not far. Our workouts can’t make up for the fact that largely, we sit around all day on zoom calls… or just sit around, waiting for news. He doesn’t struggle with thyroid issues, but I do, and have the added anxiety related to worrying about whether I’ll be able to fill my prescription. I keep Googling: “Does worrying about hypothyroid related weight … continue