Hidden From The World: These Are The Biggest Abandoned Places On Earth

There’s something hauntingly beautiful about looking at what was once a bustling city or town and seeing only trees. When people move out, mother nature moves in and what used to be pristine skyscrapers become covered in vines with towering trees leaning against them. These sorts of places may sound rare, but they are in fact quite a few tucked away in hidden corners of the Earth. How they got there, and why nobody has moved back, is one of the strangest and most mysterious parts of these hollowed-out places. This is a collection of these abandoned areas that few people ever get a chance to visit, or to even see.

1. The Châtillon Car Graveyard, Belgium

A graveyard of hundreds of half-dismantled and rusty classic American cars in a Belgian forest is quite fascinating, right? Well, the graveyard is in Châtillon, a village in southern Belgium. The cars in the graveyard used to belong to the US soldiers that were stationed in Belgium on behalf of NATO during World War II.

There was a mechanic in the village that used to repair the cars, but the war ended and the soldiers had to leave their cars behind. Although it was up to every soldier to make a decision on whether to take the car back to their country, most of them decided not to take them. It is because they had to pay for the shipping. It took years for nature to take over the cars. Now, most of the abandoned cars have been removed due to environmental reasons. But there are still many left in the forest.

2. An Abandoned TU-144 Super-Sonic Passenger Jet, Kazan City

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