Foods to avoid when on a Gluten-free diet

Susan Lee
2 min readJun 9, 2021

Learn what gluten is, what it’s in, various words that mean “gluten,” and a list of foods that contain gluten. When eating a gluten-free diet, knowing how to avoid gluten is crucial! Download a free list of what to lookout for on nutrition labels, and which foods tend to contain gluten.

When transitioning to a gluten-free diet, it can feel absolutely overwhelming to know what you can and cannot eat.

Especially when “gluten” feels so elusive. How are you supposed to avoid gluten when you don’t know what gluten is?

When I first started eating a gluten free diet, I really did not understand what gluten even WAS, which, as tends to happen with unknowns, scared me.

Gluten isn’t something we talk about all the time.

I never had a class in school talking about gluten and what it even is, let alone what it’s found in.

So let’s go to gluten school.

As Maria says, let’s start at the very beginning…

What is gluten?

Gluten is a storage protein found in certain grains (barley, wheat, and rye).
It’s not just in one part of the grain, but is all throughout it. There’s no part of these grains that can just be separated out. In foods, gluten actually acts like a glue, and helps food hold it’s shape. It adds that beautiful chewiness and soft texture to things like bread and pastries.

What is gluten in?

Gluten is in these three grains:

  • Barley
  • Wheat
  • Rye

I want to say that again. Gluten is a protein ONLY found in barley, wheat, and rye.

You will not pick up a bag of romaine lettuce and have it contain gluten. You won’t find gluten in a bag of jasmine rice. And that block of cheese does not have gluten, either. Nope.

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