7 Things You Keep Doing Wrong In The Bathroom

The time you spend in your bathroom can be the most stress-free part of your day. There’s nothing that feels as good as the clean and fresh feeling that you get after taking a nice hot shower, right? But do you know there are a number of things that we may be doing wrong in this safe haven of ours, which might actually be detracting from our health rather than contributing to it.

Simple, everyday habits such as using a hard-bristled brush to brush your teeth, using your roommate’s hairbrush when you can’t find yours, shaving with a multi-blade razor — all these are pretty harmful to our health.

Unaware of the facts, we all make some common bathroom mistakes . Trust us, we are guilty too. Therefore, to help you look back at these mistakes and try to change your bathroom habits, we’ve put down a list. Go ahead, read and develop healthy bathroom hygiene now.

1. You Flush With The Toilet Lid Up

2. You Don’t Clean Your Toothbrush That Often

If you’re wondering how to clean your brush? Well, just microwave it for 10–15 seconds. Do it once every week. If you’re one of those lazy souls who can’t clean their brushes, then we recommend that you change your toothbrush once in two weeks at least.

3. You Dry Yourself Way Too .. .



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