6 Armpit Signs Indicating That You Have Health Issues

Nowadays, we are becoming more and more aware of self-care and why it is important. As a result, we are starting to look for signs on our body which will tell us whether we are in good health or not. These signs can be present even in the smallest areas which we tend to ignore.

Here are certain signs on your armpit which may be hinting on deeper issues with your health:

1. Bad Smell

We have all dealt with bad smell from our armpits. But then, these smells can be easily countered with a good bath or with the use of deodorants. But if you find that the bad smell on your armpits is present even after a bath or after applying deodorant then that could be a problem. It might be an issue of thyroid dysfunction or hormonal imbalance. If it smells like nail polish or rotten fruit, then it’s a sign of ketoacidosis, which signifies the inability of our body to synthesize sugar.

2. Itch

Your armpit will itch a little after you shave because new hair is coming out. But if the itchiness persists, then it is a problem. It can be a reaction from the razor or any product used on the skin. If dead cells or red spots appear, that could mean fungal infection as well. Consult a doctor fast.

3. Rash

Our armpits are always warm and wet and that is the kind of place where yeast can form. This can cause a major reaction which will result in rashes forming on your skin. This skin reaction can also be …. continue :


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