13 Things You Should Never, Ever Do During Your Period

During their period, women get very emotional and usually complain about everything. Cramps, mood swings and hormonal changes are another problem, sometimes even getting from the bed can be a real challenge.

There are certain things that should be avoided while you have your period, and here are some of them:

1. Cooking: If you cook while you are on your period, you are risking hurting someone. If you are asking why, the answer is simple- while cooking, you probably use a knife or have it somewhere nearby. So, if you get an emotional attack, with a knife in your hand, what do you think it could happen? Not only to you, but to someone else as well. So stay away from the kitchen and order out your dinner while you are on your period.

2. Exercising: During your period, you got get fat, just bloated. Once it`s over, you`ll be sexy and attractive again. So there`s no need for exercising and staining your workout clothes.

3. Eating chocolate as much as you can: Avoid this cliché, you don`t need to eat tons of chocolate just before you are having your period, it won`t make you feel any better. Don`t go crazy, eat a few candy bars if you a craving for something sweet, not a whole cake.

4. Watching romantic comedies: This is not the best choice for those days of the month, especially if you`re single. If you are in a relationship, you may miss being single, and vice versa, if you are single, you`ll probably feel lonely and sorry for yourself. Remember, this is only a movie, those things don`t usually happen in real life. Everything is perfect on the screen, but the reality is the opposite, not only for you, but for everyone.

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